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I’m a commercial voice over artist represented by Karen Stavins Enterprises, Inc.  Check out my reel ok!

Recent spot for Sta-Bil Oil airing in Chicagoland and Midwest area radio stations:



Destefano on the Air! – Episode 1: The Rescuer

Destafano on the Air! was an episodic radio play about an insane podcaster named Mischel Barry.

In the first episode, Mischel welcomes respected child psychiatrist, Paul Horowitz, to his radio show/podcast ‘Destefano on the Air!’ When the interview takes an unexpected turn, Mischel must choose family over career, or vise versa. Definitely one of those two things.

This episode was adapted for the stage and produced by Perishable Theatre in 2010, with the help of a grant from the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts. Enjoy (it).


Mischel Barry – Cyrus Leddy
Dr. Paul Horowitz – John Los
Jim Kohler – Kevin Delaney
Wilma Horowitz – Nancy Hoffman
Ronald Barry (age 13) – Sam Hood
Lou – Michael LoCicero
Ronald Barry (age 40)  – Walter Greatshell
Gary/Dr. Devin – Eric Harrington


Destefano on the Air! – Episode 2: The Straight Men

Episode 2 of Destafano on the Air!  Mischel Barry has scrapped the old format of the show. Sober, NPR-style interviews have been replaced by very cool very funny comedy podcasting. But will he lose his life in the process? Will he lose his very soul?

I wrote this episode in about 2009. It was adapted for the stage and produced by the fantastic Wilbury Group in 2012.

This episode was written in 4 parts; unfortunately I can’t find part 4, which was definitely recorded but might be lost forever. So this ends on a (exciting!) cliffhanger.  Don’t let that stop your enjoyment, it’s still very enjoyable.

I’ll upload the 4th part if it turns up.


Mischel Barry – Cyrus Leddy
Jim Kohler – Kevin Delaney
Stephen Destefano – Walter Greatshell
Dustin – Eric Harrington
Beowulf Scholar Peter Mullen – Kenneth Cahoon


Funeral Twins – the Original Cast Recording!

Funeral Twins are Cyrus Leddy and Lizzy Robinson (pictured). Funeral Twins recorded shit versions of pop songs to play between sketches in our live show.

This was a Very Good Idea © 2017 Cyrus Leddy & Lizzy Robinson



Grace Land

I wrote Grace Land with with singer and multi-instrumentalist Gavin Castleton.

If Sergeant Pepper and Tommy were the first concept albums, Grace Land is the first Concept-less Album. You can read a synopsis of it at NPR.

In their rejection email Pitchfork called it “sickening.” If you’re lucky enough to have a Spotify account you can listen below.